LUSANA is an Australian lifestyle brand that encompasses both contemporary resort wear and handwoven accessories.

The brand offers tactile collections of pieces that celebrate the female form, worn with comfort and ease. LUSANA inspires confidence and femininity.

At the heart of the LUSANA design process is a commitment to integrity with the intention to share quality pieces crafted with a low impact on the natural and built environment.


1. Human-Centred

LUSANA is a human-centred brand that values each relationship — whether within our team, among our vendors or outwardly with our growing loyal customer base.

2. Integrity

A quality item, one that is well-crafted and designed to last, is at the heart of LUSANA’s brand identity.

3. Responsibility

The brand takes action to account for its impacts on the natural and built environments, as well as the socio-cultural context that LUSANA operates within.


LUSANA’s mainstay fabrics are natural and biodegradable. The brand secures traceable and certified fabrications where possible. All dyes used are non-toxic and in full compliance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Each LUSANA piece is cut, sewn and silk-screen printed by hand in Bali, Indonesia. Every garment is unique, showcasing traditional Indonesian handmade methods of tie-dye, hand-marbling and batch dyeing.

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