What a Localized Supply Chain means at LUSANA

A community minded business offers shared growth across a network of micro, small and medium scale enterprises and enables grassroots impact. This is a core component of LUSANA and a part of the brand we will continue to share as the label evolves with time. A localized supply chain is where this all begins for us.

LUSANA's production hub is situated in Bali, Indonesia. We partner with a local network of business owners all based in Indonesia. Each supplier adheres to a Code of Conduct and has been screened for human rights, health and safety and environmental impact. These businesses differ drastically in size from cottage industry and community-owned ventures to larger operations where we source our fabrics from which include industrial milling factories. 

Various working arrangements with our suppliers draw on a relationship that spans over 15 years. LUSANA respects the bargaining power of each of our suppliers and it is important to note that the final price is set by each of these business owners.

Our supply chain includes 75% community-owned businesses which offer economic benefits to over 250 village community members. These community-owned businesses include women operated ventures situated in rural villages in Bali, Indonesia such as where the Baha Visor and key accessories items are produced as well as LUSANA's hand crochet pieces. 

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