A Day in Rome with Yara

A visit to the Eternal City of Roma never disappoints. The metropolis which has been built over three millennia is undoubtedly a walking museum with each corner, church and building offering some sort of historic discovery or simply a moment drenched in ode to aesthetic.

We caught up with Yara recently to reflect on a day in Rome shooting LUSANA’s Spring 23 Roman Holiday campaign.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself… 

Hi! I’m Yara, a Ukrainian model that was born and raised in Odesa. I have been modelling for a decade and am now living in the US. 

Rome is one of our favorite cities! How was your day in Rome on shoot for LUSANA? Any standout moments? 

It was my first time in Rome. Every moment was a stand out - the city’s architecture is so inspiring and the food is (to no one's surprise) so good. 

What does your ideal summer day look like? Do you have a go-to getaway?

My ideal summer day will be seen spending time on the beach or by the pool, surrounded by friends and nourishing myself with fresh summer fruits. My go-to getaways are roadtrips. Camping on the West Coast is a quick and easy escape from the city as I am based in LA. 

Do you have any daily rituals or treasured forms of creative expression that keep you grounded in the moment?

My daily ritual is meditation and I keep myself grounded by writing and drawing. 

What is your vision for Earth and how can we together achieve this?

My ultimate vision is peace. Be kind to the only home we have, and this does not stay limited to the house or apartment you live in. Extend it to the streets, parks, forests etc. When you have a chance, pick up any sidewalk trash and always be kind to any strangers. 

Words to live by…

Be kind and do no harm. 

Any other thoughts, words or ramblings…

Just a reminder — we are all in this together.