Our Materials


Organic Cotton Poplin

LUSANA’s Organic Cotton Poplin is grown in India and milled in Java, Indonesia. It is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Non GMO seeds without the use of any chemical fertilizers as well as increased farmer rights and a higher selling price are the main reasons why the brand chooses to offer this crisp fabrication.

Lenzing™ Modal

Lenzing™ Modal Fujette is a man-made cellulosic fibre that originates from Forest Stewardship Council certified beech plantations in Austria. The fibre is produced in a closed loop production process which recycles water and solvent. This textured, luxe fabric supports our bodies’ natural thermal regulation process and is hypoallergenic.

Cotton Crochet

LUSANA offers select styles of hand-crocheted cotton pieces. These items are produced by an alternative supply chain designed around female managed community-based workshops in the hinterlands of West Bali, Indonesia.


EUROPEAN FLAX® is completely traceable from flax seed to milled fabric. It is grown exclusively in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Each part of the plant is used resulting in a zero waste process. The plant requires no irrigation while farming nor any chemicals used in the production process.

Livaeco Rayon Viscose by Birla Cellulose

Livaeco by Birla Cellulose is a natural and breathable fabric. It is traceable all the way down the supply chain to the 100% certified and sustainable forest plantations the fibre originates from. The production process reduces greenhouse gas emissions and accounts for low water use. LUSANA’s Livaeco Viscose pieces are biodegradable.

Indonesian Rayon by APR

Rayon is made from 100% wood cellulose. It is a natural and locally sourced Indonesian fibre by Asia Pacific Rayon. LUSANA’s Rayon items are fully traceable whereby wood is sourced from sustainably managed plantations and is harvested in 5 year cycles. This fibre is biodegradable and hypoallergenic. It is a soft and lightweight fabrication suitable for warmer climates.



Ata Palm

The Ata Palm is part of the Rattan family and is endemic to Bali, Indonesia. LUSANA’s Ata handbags are handwoven by craft communities in the Karangasem area of East Bali. The Ata Palm is harvested, woven, sun dried and oven baked to result in a unique golden brown color.

Raffia Palm

The leaves of the Raffia Palm are harvested and processed for LUSANA’s handwoven handbags in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This fibre is soft and pliable yet strong.

Pandan Palm

Pandan is a traditional Indonesian staple material used by artisanal weavers derived from the Pandanus Palm. The leaves are harvested, stripped, pressed and flattened to make the material softer and easier for weaving.

Lontar Palm

Lontar is a native Balinese palm and the leaves are used for LUSANA’s mainstay Baha Visors. The leaves are harvested in Eastern Bali and depending upon the colour of the visors are either dyed naturally (off white, brown and black) or with the use of non-toxic dyes.


Rattan is a palm that grows prolifically in Indonesian forests. Rattan vines are a non-timber forest product. The vines are harvested, treated and then prepared as a basic raw material for basketry and furniture making.