Journaling with Chelsea Kauai

One may find Chelsea Kauai 100 feet under sea level on a single breath of air, venturing through vast and expansive landscapes in visual documentation of their raw natural beauty or hosting an acro-yoga workshop as a way to harness community, fluidity and flow.

Insight into our emotions, motivations and needs can be self-discovered via various means. We connected with Chelsea on the launch of her Journal "Notes to Self" as a tool to assist those whom are finding their way through life. Her main intent is to "take people who have an interest in journals, and bring them on an immersive journey through themselves".

Notes to Self is a guided daily journal for "the person who wants to be more consistent with their relationship with themselves, who wants to cultivate the relationship to themselves and their mind. This journal is for anyone who wants to be present and find more joy in the everyday things that make their heart sing". 

Notes to Self can be purchased here.