Alix Earle
Alix Earle, the TikTok sensation known for her "Get Ready With Me" videos, has captured the hearts of millions with her relatable and candid content. With over 7 million followers, Alix's influence is undeniable. She has been seen sporting LUSANA's MELODY LINEN MAXI DRESS IN GLACIAL LINEN, effortlessly transitioning from a beach outing to an evening gathering. Her authenticity and down-to-earth persona make her the perfect muse for LUSANA's blending comfort and style​ (Peoplemag)​​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Digital Voices)​.

Christine Le
Christine Le, a fashion and lifestyle influencer with a keen eye for trends, has also embraced ATRIUM. Renowned for her impeccable style and discerning aesthetic, Christine has elegantly featured our TALIA LINEN PINTUCK MAXI DRESS IN WHITE across her social media platforms. She meticulously chose this exquisite garment for her engagement photoshoot at the stunning Villa Sola Cabiati, with the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Como enhancing the timeless elegance of her look. Her ability to mix and match pieces to create stunning looks perfectly aligns with LUSANA's vision of versatile and timeless fashion.

Dria Murphy
Founder of Alise Collective and a prominent figure in the fashion industry, Dria Murphy brings her sophisticated taste to LUSANA also opting to pair an afternoon in New York City with our bestselling TALIA LINEN PINTUCK MAXI DRESS IN WHITE. Her curated approach to fashion and her commitment to sustainability resonate deeply with LUSANA's ethos. Dria's endorsement of our collection emphasises the luxurious feel and eco-friendly materials that define our brand.

Louise Roe
Television presenter and fashion journalist Louise Roe has been a devoted supporter of LUSANA for years. Her refined and polished style seamlessly aligns with ATRIUM. Louise has been spotted in our flowing dresses and chic accessories, demonstrating how LUSANA's designs can effortlessly elevate any wardrobe. Opting for the TIMOTHY POPLIN MAXI DRESS IN MARLO STRIPE for a beachside sunset event, she perfectly illustrates how LUSANA can be styled up or down, creating both elevated and understated looks with ease.

Gigi Paris
Model and actress Gigi Paris exudes effortless beauty and grace, perfectly complementing LUSANA's sophisticated designs. Recently spotted in the ultimate LUSANA trio—the SUN SHIRT POPLIN IN PINSTRIPE, DONOVAN POPLIN SHORT IN PINSTRIPE, and our LILA POPLIN BRALETTE IN PINSTRIPE—Gigi effortlessly showcases the harmonious blend of luxury and comfort that defines our brand. Her choice of these pieces captures the quintessential essence of summer fashion, highlighting LUSANA's commitment to creating stylish yet comfortable attire.

Soukeyna Diouf
Fashion influencer and UN Global Health Champion Soukeyna Diouf has embraced LUSANA with her bold and vibrant style, perfectly complementing the colourful and playful elements of ATRIUM. Her unwavering commitment to ethical fashion aligns seamlessly with LUSANA's dedication to sustainability, making her an ideal endorser of our brand. Recently, Soukeyna chose our bestselling ROSA POPLIN MINI DRESS IN ARCTIC STRIPE for her travels to the picturesque Hotel Belles Rives, nestled in a cove by the waters of Cap d'Antibes. Her stunning ensemble provides the ultimate destination inspiration, showcasing how LUSANA's pieces create unforgettable moments in the most idyllic settings.

As LUSANA continues to make waves in the fashion industry, we are honoured to have these incredible influencers share their love for ATRIUM. Their unique styles and genuine appreciation for our designs highlight the versatility and timeless elegance that LUSANA represents.

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