LUSANA never shies away from the truth: the fashion industry has been built on consumptive patterns. In turn, the label designs for simplicity — a closet staple and a stand-alone piece.

We offer valued items with integrity sewn into the seams as each piece is designed to last. As lifelong learners, LUSANA is a label committed to achieving its ever-evolving best.

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Our Values

1. Human-Centred

LUSANA is a human-centred brand that is formed on family lines. The brand’s values shape the day-to-day and inform decisions while moving from A to B.

LUSANA is a small-scale operation: multicultural, majority-female run and inherently inclusive. Relationships are pivotal to the label’s success. LUSANA’s sister manufacturing facility is situated in Bali, Indonesia to ensure that the brand can guarantee what it offers. LUSANA’s operations are built on various familial ties branching out across the brand’s team and supply chain. LUSANA’s localized supply chain network is all within a 70km reach. The brand collaborates directly with indigenous Indonesian craft communities to expand its impact.

2. Integrity

Intelligent, well-crafted design is at the heart of LUSANA’s brand identity. Each LUSANA collection is carefully considered from fabrications to design. LUSANA embraces the opportunity within scrutinising each element of the brand’s design process with each collection developed.

Versatile, trans-seasonal and well rounded pieces allow each customer to make the most of LUSANA’s items.

Each piece is handmade. A low impact design process accounts for the least amount of material consumption possible. The brand’s reduced fabric off-cuts are collected, repurposed and recycled. LUSANA’s handwoven and naturally derived accessories also support the transfer of intergenerational indigenous skills. LUSANA wishes to formally recognize these skills as they transcend modern day times of a rapidly evolving world.

3. Responsibility

LUSANA is accountable for its impact on the natural and built environment, and the socio-cultural context of which it operates. The brand is in the process of seeking out direct on ground efforts to cover transportation emissions and production offsets. This is an evolving space and we invite you to join in and expand with us.


LUSANA commits to:
— operating a human-centred business.
— considered and low-impact design.
— a supply chain free from bonded or child labor.
— offering biodegradable materials.
— placing limits on our use of any synthetic materials. 
— sourcing eco-preferred, traceable or certified
fabrications, where possible.
— providing living wages.
— reducing its production waste.
— reducing its transportation emissions.
— the celebration of craftsmanship and tradition.
— constantly evolving, learning and accomplishing its best.
— donating 3% of profits per year to social and environmental impact projects.


LUSANA’s mainstay fabrics are natural and biodegradable. The brand secures traceable and certified fabrications where possible. All dyes used are non-toxic and in full compliance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

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Each LUSANA piece is cut, sewn and silk-screen printed by hand in Bali, Indonesia. Every garment is unique, showcasing traditional Indonesian handmade methods of tie-dye, hand-marbling and batch dyeing.

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