Sharing Sentiments with Aisha Katherina

Aisha Katherina is often found in idyllic locations immersed in activities that fuse an enjoyment for nature and creative expression. We shared a moment with Aisha recently covering all things design, creativity and living in the tropics. 

Words you live by: 

Learn to embrace every second, appreciate the good, learn from the bad. Do what makes you happy and don’t let anyone hold you back.

A treasured form of self-expression: 

I like to express myself through creativity, I can never sit still. Whether it’s visual art, photography, fashion/styling or even writing. These are some of the things I find myself doing everyday. I use these forms of art to truly showcase my vision and inner self.

What does style, design and fashion do for you? 

Fashion is an element that people can use to express themselves and show their identity to the world. It allows you to have an insight to someone’s personality. I personally love exploring new styles and I’m always inspired by my surroundings. I believe that every outfit has a purpose. Most of the times I dress on how I feel and of course based on what I’m doing, however a cute outfit always makes a difference and makes me feel good. 

Favorite getaway: 

My favorite place to go to for a getaway is Lombok, Indonesia. Next year I definitely want to spend more time traveling and exploring all the islands beautiful in Indonesia. We’ve got 17,508 of them, that’s a lot of adventures.

A vision for our global future: 

The future is here. If we want to see change we have to start now. In order for this to make an impact globally we have to start making changes within ourselves individually. I would love to see the world flourish with more kindness and equality. I would dream for the oceans to be clean and for all animals to be running free.

Aisha wears the Carrie Dress in Solid Ink Poplin.
Aisha is seen above wearing the Thea Maxi Dress in Ranna Animal.
Aisha wears the Nina Top and Amalia Skirt in the matching contrast print set in Jeyda Animal.