The Baha Visor: Handwoven in Bali

The Baha Visor is LUSANA's go-to for finding shade. The craftsmanship that goes into each visor is significant and worth understanding. It is made from the Lontar Palm, a tree native to Indonesia. The Lontar Palm has a remarkable history as the dried palm leaves were once used as a writing material across Southeast Asia including Indonesia. The "Lontar" for the Balinese refer to their palm leaf manuscripts that cover various aspects of life documenting key knowledge such as cultural and religious belief systems, history, homeopathy and astrology. 

More than 50 rural community village members are involved in the production of LUSANA's Baha Visors. Many of these are stay-at-home mothers with very limited alternative employment opportunities. LUSANA partners with a family-owned community business venture to roll out the manufacturing process. This includes the drying of palm leaves which are harvested in Bali and neighbouring islands. 

The Off White and Brown Visors are naturally dyed, while remaining color options are derived from non-toxic food dyes. The leaves are softened via water vapor and prepared to be handwoven. The handwoven strips of the palm are then sewn into a visor pattern until the item is formed. 

The Baha Visor is derived from natural materials, locally sourced in LUSANA's production hub of Bali, Indonesia and directly supports community supply chains whereby items are crafted in villages not factories. 

Find out more about LUSANA's sustainability practices or watch our hand-weaving process in action here