Stockist Spotlight: Clover Boutique

Clover Boutique brings together contemporary women's brands to showcase a carefully curated mix of playful yet sophisticated pieces to stand out in your wardrobe. We are excited to have connected with owner and retail sensation Merry Vose to learn more about how she dreamt up Clover and brought the boutique to life in Dallas’s ever-burgeoning West Lovers Lane. 

Please tell us a little bit about how Clover came to be and how the vision fused together to create this beautiful boutique…

Clover came to life because we felt like there was a need in the marketplace for an edited selection of fresh young collections that appealed to a sassy yet tasteful clientele. We already had the space on lovers Lane… a precious white-wasted cottage that we transformed into a beautiful girls’ clubhouse!

Any exciting projects in the pipeline for Clover ahead of 2023?

We are super excited to use our beautiful Palm Springs inspired backyard for events and trunk shows this spring and summer.  We weren’t completely finished with our outdoor space until last Fall, so we are looking forward to hosting lots of fun events!

How has your experience been as an independent boutique and the value cultivated for your local community?

We have absolutely loved sourcing and creating a space for our precious clientele. It is so exciting to present our edits to our girls……. We LOVE their feedback and feel like we are learning and growing with each passing season!

How do you approach curating your collections? How has LUSANA fit into this offering?

The Clover Girl isn’t just sassy young women, it's also sassy young-at-heart moms. We always keep in mind our age range that we have coming in when buying. Our Clover Moms are always pleasantly surprised they can shop for themselves while they look for their girls.  Lusana does a fantastic job at bridging these two age groups, and being a fan favorite amongst everyone.

What does a typical weekend look like for the Clover girl?

She is social, out and about in the community, exercising, brunching with friends, popping by Clover for a lemonade before heading out for the weekend with her gang!

Any additional comments, words, ramblings are welcomed!

At CLOVER we believe in positivity and kindness. A neon sign stating that TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY welcomes you when you walk through our door.  We welcome everyone and believe that PRETTY IS as PRETTY DOES!

Find LUSANA in store at Clover Dallas – @CloverGirlsDallas